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Micro Dissecting Needles And Insect Pins

Micro Dissecting Needles

Product Information

Many animal studies on Drosophila melanogaster, Zebrafish, and other species require procedures performed at the smallest scale under high magnification. At that level, the tips of probes and dissection tools need to be fine enough to allow the manipulation of the object of the study. Needles and pins with fine tips can be used when standard dissecting needles are not fine enough for dissections.

Pins and needles are also ideal for the dissection of flower buds in early developing phases and of vegetative shoot apices. Shoot apical meristems have small structures in a very small area. With sharp pins and needles, force can be applied more precisely at the desired location without damaging the surrounding area.

Sharp Point Tungsten Needles
These fine needles made of hard tungsten have a 1 µm tip diameter. They can be used for micro dissection at the finest level including the separation of cells. The material is much harder than stainless steel therefore it offers increased stability with less spring action.

The needles are 2” long for easy handling. Insert the needles deeper into the handle to gain lateral stability or leave a longer piece out to increase flexibility.

Strong Point Micro Dissecting Needles
These micro dissecting needles have super fine yet strong tips with 10 µm diameter. They are suited for dissections at the microscopic scale which require increased lateral strength. Strong point needles are available with straight and angled tips.

Insect Pins And Minutiens
Two kinds of fine, hand made pins are available. Stainless steel pins with nylon heads are typically used in humid environments. Black enameled pins offer extra protection against corrosion and also reduce glare. For the mounting of very small insects or other specimen, 0.25-0.35 mm diameter insect pins can be used as well as headless minutiens.

Needle Holders
Sharp point tungsten needles and headless minutien pins can be loaded in any of the needle holders. Small insect pins can be loaded (in RS-6061 or RS-6062 hollow needle holders only) either from the bottom or, if the head is too wide to fit through the jaws of the pin holder, from the top of hollow pin holders (sharp tip loaded first). Needle holders should be long enough so that they can rest between the thumb and the index finger. Our lightest and longest aluminum needle holder weighs only 8.8 grams.

Micro Dissecting Needles
Item #   Quantity Rod diameter mm Length
Micro Dissecting Needle Holders
Needle Holder
RS-6060 Solid Aluminum, 8.8g 1
"Cannot be used with insect pins."
5 1/4”
RS-6061 Stainless Steel, Hollow, 11.5g 1 4 3/4”
RS-6062 Stainless Steel, Hollow 1 4”
Sharp Point Tungsten Needles
Tungsten Needles
RS-6063 1 µm tip diameter 10 0.125 2”
RS-6064 1 µm tip diameter 10 0.25 2”
RS-6065 1 µm tip diameter 10 0.5 1.5”
Strong Point Micro Dissection Needles, 10 µm tip diameter
Micro Dissecting Needles
RS-6066 Straight 5 0.5 2”
RS-6067 Angled
45 degrees
5 0.5 2”
RS-6068 Angled
90 degrees
5 0.5 2”
RS-6066-1 Straight 1 0.5 2”
RS-6067-1 Angled
45 degrees
1 0.5 2”
RS-6068-1 Angled
90 degrees
1 0.5 2”
Insect Pins And Minutien Pins
Item #   Quantity Rod diameter mm Length
Black Enameled Insect Pins
Insect Pins
RS-6081-25 100 0.25 38 mm
RS-6081-30 100 0.3 38 mm
RS-6081-35 100 0.35 38 mm
RS-6081-40 100 0.4 38 mm
RS-6081-45 100 0.45 38 mm
RS-6081-50 100 0.5 38 mm
RS-6081-55 100 0.55 38 mm
RS-6081-60 100 0.6 38 mm
RS-6081-65 100 0.65 38 mm
RS-6081-70 100 0.7 52 mm
Stainless Steel Insect Pins
Insect Pins
RS-6082-25 100 0.25 38 mm
RS-6082-30 100 0.3 38 mm
RS-6082-35 100 0.35 38 mm
RS-6082-40 100 0.4 38 mm
RS-6082-45 100 0.45 38 mm
RS-6082-50 100 0.5 38 mm
RS-6082-55 100 0.55 38 mm
RS-6082-60 100 0.6 38 mm
RS-6082-65 100 0.65 38 mm
RS-6082-70 100 0.7 52 mm
Minutien Pins    Minutien Pins
RS-6083-10 stainless steel 500 0.1 12 mm
RS-6083-15 stainless steel 500 0.15 12 mm
RS-6083-20 stainless steel 500 0.2 12 mm
RS-6084-15 black enameled 500 0.15 12 mm